A very short game, made in 3 hours for the Trijam #122.

The theme was "Transformation".

Try to use the three transformations (move, rotate, scale) to avoid all bullets and get as much points as you can.

Move with the mouse.

Made with Godot, GIMP, Chiptone, Beepbox. All done within the 3 hour limit.


move_rotate_scale_win.zip 14 MB
move_rotate_scale_mac.zip 27 MB
move_rotate_scale_linux.zip 14 MB


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Wow. This game is awesome. Super simple but works reaaly well. It's super hard man. Maybe I would add less difficulty on the firsts seconds of the game, because having to pay atention to 3 different screens is pretty confusing. Anyway this game is awesome, GG!